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» Purchasing Power
We are the only company of its kind who can acquire the right properties in the right markets at the right price. We use our own funds to not only acquire the assets on your behalf, but to complete the extensive research needed in order to determine the investment's worth. We've done all the work so you don't have to.

» Construction Management
We will oversee the rehabilitation process of your project from start to finish. Our professional team of General Contractors and Asset Managers have the knowledge and experience to effectively manage the whole process for you.
» Property Preservation and REO Services
We offer Property Preservation, Maintenance and Management for both financial institutions and real estate investors.

» Property Management
Effective management of any real estate investment is the key ingredient between the Property Owner and the Tenant to insure the potential profit for the investor.

Our firm has created a management program designed to work on behalf of the Property Owner while working with the Tenant to insure that the property's value will reach it's highest potential.


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